Living Brave: Oprah Winfrey

This is the very first of our Living Brave Interview Series! Courage is contagious and this series is a collection of conversations with people who are being brave with their lives and making me a little more courageous in my own life. I was so honored and excited to have Oprah as my first guest. Enjoy! 


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  1. <3 this immensely...such deep truth and wisdom. Thank you both!!!

  2. 06/15/2016

    I am inspired by you both. I struggle for the words to describe how I feel about you as women, as leaders and as soul-searchers. You inspire me to be brave. Your real and down to earth way of speaking to each other and to your audience is a much needed breath of fresh air, compounded with a heavy dose of honesty and bravery. I consider you to be two of some of the greatest women of our time. Brene, I look forward to seeing you in Colorado in November at Mile High! Oprah, I may never have the pleasure of meeting you personally or seeing you in person, but know you have my greatest respect and admiration. Even when it's tough, I hope you both keep on doing what you do, because what you do is extraordinary.

  3. I can admit that I have never had much interest in listening to Oprah while she was hosting the Oprah Winfrey show. After watching this video, I believe I have missed out on information that could have been potentially uplifting and invigorating. From now on, both of these ladies will be my role models in life. Thank you Brene and Oprah!

  4. 06/05/2016

    Thank You for the Insight and I wanted to share my song "Deceived" to Encourage and for Helping Others to Heal and Believe that We can have a "Better Life" Thank You for Sharing. My Name is Debbie Price.

  5. Brené and Oprah I struggle every day to come closer Venus and to finally belong to her like (I believe) you are. The love-goddess Venus was described by the Romans as "The brightest and most beautiful star in all heavens" - Thats you Brené and Oprah. All love to you <3

  6. 05/25/2016

    What a wonderful, heartfelt dialogue. Thanks

  7. 05/23/2016

    Have you seen this? Fantastic musical tribute to Dr. Brown. Very inspirational. I love the lyrics.

  8. I SO appreciate this! These women...THIS wisdom...YES!! I am Inspired to aspire to be - to walk as - to be more my FULL self.

  9. 04/29/2016

    Being brave and being willing to open your "door" to vulnerability means allowing the stories of our lives to develop, mature, and change within and without. It is because of being so vulnerable in my early years and not knowing how to heal and grow that caused me to stumble. As I have loved and learned with maturity my susceptibility became less and ability to grow as I learned brought more wisdom than I could have believed would ever happen in my life. Brene and her work has inspired me, it fits and sounds and looks like me, and I am energized from learning I am not alone. People like Brene and Oprah and so many more...just like me and best of all...we are winners!!

  10. I just happened upon this video interview...a wonderful serendipity that has strengthened and uplifted me. I have loved Oprah for years and Brené is another special gift in my life. What a beautiful interview...what beautiful, strong, courageous women! Thank you both...

  11. This courage works, I watched this the night before I had to go into court and these words helped me keep heart and backbone in the face of some really rude people and a best friend. I spoke the truth with my head held high and tears streaming down my face, before now even undeserved shame would have sent me into the shadows but not that day. Thank you! xo, Tif

  12. Inspiring and heart-warming! I really resonated with the concept of failure being merely a signpost for a necessary change in direction!
    Thank you Brene and Oprah for living bravely! :-)

  13. I so appreciate the confidence with which Oprah shares her gremlins. And I appreciate that the questions Brene asks Oprah are the questions she asks those of us in this course. We are all in this together~

  14. 03/18/2016

    I SO enjoyed this interview, and feel so inspired by you both. It's just the 'boost' I needed - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  15. Love, love, the interview and these two women who I so admire. The power of intention struck home for me since I am in a very fragile and vulnerable place in my life right now. The decisions I make will definitely affect my future, so I declare my intention. Hearing Oprah talk about a beautiful home, in beautiful surroundings, to match her beautiful spirit struck home for me. I may have to sell a home that I am very attached to and after hearing that, I now realize why. I'm afraid that if I don't have that home anymore, I will lose my spirit. I know that's not true; but . . . . Finally, I'm the same age as Oprah, and I relate to her statement about realizing that the time I have left is less than the time I have lived. So much wisdom in this interview.

  16. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE....I took notes with tears in my watch two Masters that honestly are BOTH AMAZING TEACHERS and ALSO Practice being STUDENTS. They love learning and teaching and I LOVE them BOTH.....I feel SO Lucky to have gotten to listen to this....WOW Crazy LOVE for Brene and Oprah!! I want to have dinner with both of you....once a month!!hahaha

  17. ONLY just saw this interview now! WOW -thank you Brene!!I I agree The Oprah Winfrey show seemed to be the only platform where people could discuss failures, heartbreaks, plus ways of overcoming disappointments etc and was a global "school of life"!! Im so happy Oprah is continuing with Super Soul Sunday and OWN. I'm also very grateful to you Brene for sharing your research and breaking it down, clarifying emotions and issues and giving us better verbal tools to communicate .
    I'm loving this course and how you mix it up, ie. loved seeing this interview with Oprah too. What a collaboration - you two!!! thank you!

    I set the intention of meeting Oprah and that was fulfilled end of last year both in both Melb and Sydney when i met Oprah (before her ;An Evening with Oprah event) . and then how lucky was I ? -(shared with my 22yr old daughter, & other happy Aussies,) seeing you speak in Sydney Mar 2 Brene at the State Theatre! You were brilliant!
    Gratitude Gratitude
    loving learning and improving forever and excited to dig deeper

  18. hi, I can't get the video to go past minute 3:46- it just keeps freezing at that point. Can you help this?

  19. 03/11/2016

    Thank you, Brene, for this life altering interview with Oprah. It did not disappoint but rather re-affirmed my personal direction in rising. Lately I have yearned for words of wisdom from someone in a similar arena as mine. I particularly appreciated her discussion of awareness at the age she is now - that at 62 (we are the same age - I am only 2 days older) she daily realizes she has less life to live (unless there is some DNA discovery) and she sits in that awareness with gratitude.

  20. 03/10/2016

    I love the reference to the power of intention. These concepts are simple, but not easy.... Loved this!

  21. Brené, I really resonate and am inspired with all your research. I would love to someday meet you and help you in someway, if possible... Please let me know if there are any opportunities. I am a big fan and recommend your books and research to most of the people I know here in Monterrey Mexico where I live. Kind regards, I would appreciate if you reply :)

  22. I'm so happy that there are you two women in the world. Like a comfy couch to come home to for insight and inspiration. On midterm break...can't wait to start part two...Rising Strong. Teach/Learn

  23. 03/07/2016

    Thank you! Brene,so you are also - a teacher and a student.
    This is something I will watch again and again.
    I need more examples of real people - struggling with vulnerability. Please keep these interviews coming!

    I need help putting those failures in perspective on some days.

  24. I believe the Gary Zukov book is Seat of the Soul.

    I am so moved by how this is evolving. I would say that the universe has conspired to put me right here right now. Much gratitude to all those involved.

  25. I loved this interview! Oprah is amazing and I am so inspired daily by Brene Brown, she is my social work HERO. I got chills watching them together.

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