Living Brave: Oprah Winfrey

This is the very first of our Living Brave Interview Series! Courage is contagious and this series is a collection of conversations with people who are being brave with their lives and making me a little more courageous in my own life. I was so honored and excited to have Oprah as my first guest. Enjoy! 


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  1. Excellent interview. I love love love it!!!!!

  2. 10/06/2016

    It was such a treat to see Oprah being interviewed by Brene. I have been a huge fan of Oprah since, forever. And It was through the O Magazine I have gotten to know Brene, her work and her books. In 2014 I took the Daring Way course in a 3 day workshop offered by a local Life Coach. It was a good experience. But VERY LITTLE COMPARES to hearing Brene speak and have authentic conversations with people. Another time I recently heard Brene was when she joined Liz Gilbert's podcast on BiG Magic. This was another brilliant conversation and coaching for me. I am so looking forward to participating in CourageWorks. I am starting a courageous journey of my own.

  3. I have been really immersing myself in all of these books, videos, classes, and practices. I do have a few questions that I am trying to figure out. I am hoping someone here can shed light!

    1. I do not want to measure myself against the perfectionist measuring stick any longer. HOWEVER, I am very aware that perfectionism and the fear of not being perfect has been a sole motivator for me throughout my life, such that I have enjoyed success and accomplishment as a result. So, my fear is that letting go of the measuring stick will leave me without motivation to get stuff done. How do I make a decision not to shame myself for not being perfect while still motivating myself to do my best and strive for better? What suggestions do you make about what I can ask or tell myself to get where I want to be?

    2. The "talk to yourself as you would someone you love" presupposes that I am kind to those I love. I am working through controlling my outbursts of anger toward others, in fact. So, what sort of mantra can I tell myself? "Talk to others as Brene would want you to" isn't helpful enough (and devolves into shaming rather quickly). I am trying to sit in the vulnerability of biting my tongue (typically my comfortable place is speaking my mind, no matter how harsh). But, when I do speak, I need to go into love and compassion. It is hard to get from where I naturally go to my heart. So, while "talk to yourself as you would someone you love" helps in situations when I am being hard on myself, what do I say to calm myself when I am being hard on others?

    3. If the only opinions that matter are the ones of the people on that small paper, what does that mean about the people who didn't make the cut? Are there degrees of trust? Are we saying those people are not worthy of "seeing" us? Or are we saying that we just ignore what they say about our true selves? I'm sure boundaries come into play here, but I am not quite getting this.

    THANK YOU ALL! I am grateful for having found this at the precise moment I needed it! Yay for the Universe!

  4. I love when Oprah says Failure is there to just move you in a different direction. It totally changes my idea of failure now. Love it!

  5. I am still crying. I don't cry....
    I can't afford a course yet, but can soon get a book at a time. I soon must find the courage to leave my dead end job. I want to teach both my teen daughters not to be like me, pretending to be strong by not being vulnerable, I just don't know how. After 13 yrs of taking care of a chronic epileptic child, who is now 22 yo with a 16 yo mentality. God healed her in 2014 after 2 brain surgeries now, she is ready to explore the world. My youngest daughter is 17 yo in her last year of high school and had to be so independent, because of her sister's illness. It feels like now that I have time for her she'll be off to school or the Airforce. She wants to serve and her dad and I who were Army veterans. Now, I don't know who I am and I always saw vulnerability as weakness and with all I have dealt with in my 53 years I still feel like I have not grown up yet. I am crying because this is the part of me that has not grown up. I thank God you put words to my deepest feelings. I want to learn and understand your work so that I can help you women in my church on day to live wholeheartedly early in life.. God bless you Brene.

    Houston, TX

  6. 09/19/2016

    I love, love, love this work and all the learning and growing that I have gained through watching, reading and studying Brene's work! I started learning about shame resilience with "The Gifts of Imperfection," and read each new book as it came out. Recently, I have engaged in the Connections Program by Brene and I love it! Through this I am now reading "I Thought It Was Just Me, (but it isn't)," which was only on my Amazon Wish List until now. I have a blog where I talk about life and spiritual growth and would like to discuss what I am learning through my readings/learning process but wanted to make sure I was not infringing on any copyright laws. I am wondering who I ask about this and how I can get a hold of this contact person. I hope someone can point me in the right direction-thanks in advance!!!

  7. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!!! For your examples of being brave - being honest - being kind - for shining the lights of your beingness - for those of us who choose to be brave - honest and kind. It is a comfort to know that woman of great personal power, such as both of you, are still knowingly unfolding into more of yourselves - if we are still here - we are still unfolding and that encourages me. I also appreciate what Oprah said about failure being a message to inform one when we are heading in the wrong direction - I can shine that light on my (perceived) failures and this helps me to shake off the stickiness of guilt and be brave enough to get up.......and move along. I will remember these words of wisdom. Oh, yes, and the cabinet - wise - food for thought for me. I will watch this interview again :)

  8. 09/17/2016

    Love, love, love this - best interview ever! Bravo to you both - I love how Brene really listened and Oprah was candid and honest! Can't wait to hear more!

  9. 09/15/2016

    Loved it!!! There was a lot to learn from that conversation, but what I found the best part was hearing what she said about herself, ".....she had a beautiful soul" It was inspiring to hear her talk so positively about herself.

  10. Beautiful interview! I never wanted the conversation to end.

  11. Truth. Vulnerable truth is honest. Courage to admit your struggle.

  12. 09/09/2016

    I'm not sure I would call this "an interview". It was more like two very good friends sharing what they have learned in life. It was touching and amazing and the kind of brave truth we all long to share. Bravo and thank you both.

  13. 09/06/2016

    Loved this interview with Oprah! It was awesome to see the interviewer on the other side of the questions. Great video! xo-Jane

  14. 08/31/2016

    It was so neat to see Oprah being interviewed like this. Can't wait to see who you have on next. GREAT questions!!!

  15. Excellent, excellent interview. Thank you Oprah and Brené! I love when Oprah says she learned from listening to other people's stories that "failure was just there to inform you to move in a different direction." Powerful! Thank you.

  16. 08/28/2016

    Gorgeous interview.

  17. I came across Brené Brown's "The Power of Vulnerability" in a Ph.D. Organizational Leadership program five years ago. I've been hooked ever since. When I started the Organizational Leadership program, I shared that I wanted to be transformed. I had no idea what was in store for me and the rest of my colleagues. "The Power of Vulnerability" was a huge part of that transformation for me on a personal level. Needless to say, it has truly been a tranformational journey the last five years with Brené Brown's books and now CourageWorks.

  18. 08/20/2016

    it's hard to embrace my imperfections when I work hard as a medical provider to explain, educate, follow evidence-based medicine and am dissed on yelp when I have not provided what a patient want or feels is needed.

  19. Beautifully spoken and heartfelt - thank you!

  20. 08/04/2016

    That was a terrific interview. I loved the questions and of course Oprah's responses. She truly exudes something special-I guess I really don't have the words for it. My new favorite quote- "Failure informs you to move."

  21. 07/31/2016

    Such an inspiring moment with Oprah. I have been a fan for years. This just reminded me why. So much of my growth has come through resources provided by Oprah on OWN, in the O Magazine and the Oprah Show.

    She struggles with the same things that I struggle with and I just connect with what she shares. Her truth resonates deep within me. Thank you.

  22. Such a great and honest duo talking about hard topics! It's inspiring to watch such vulnerability with two very brave souls! Thank you

  23. <3 this immensely...such deep truth and wisdom. Thank you both!!!

  24. 06/15/2016

    I am inspired by you both. I struggle for the words to describe how I feel about you as women, as leaders and as soul-searchers. You inspire me to be brave. Your real and down to earth way of speaking to each other and to your audience is a much needed breath of fresh air, compounded with a heavy dose of honesty and bravery. I consider you to be two of some of the greatest women of our time. Brene, I look forward to seeing you in Colorado in November at Mile High! Oprah, I may never have the pleasure of meeting you personally or seeing you in person, but know you have my greatest respect and admiration. Even when it's tough, I hope you both keep on doing what you do, because what you do is extraordinary.

  25. I can admit that I have never had much interest in listening to Oprah while she was hosting the Oprah Winfrey show. After watching this video, I believe I have missed out on information that could have been potentially uplifting and invigorating. From now on, both of these ladies will be my role models in life. Thank you Brene and Oprah!

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