The Kitchen Table Parenting Collection Introductory Bundle

Save $20 when you purchase our Introductory Bundle. This includes:

The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: A Wholehearted Revolution - This four-lesson foundational course launches on January 9, 2017 and is available on-demand. Together, we’ll dig into the big topics: love, belonging, compassion, empathy, resilience, and joy. 

Boundary Setting Deep Dive - In this single lesson deep dive we will practice strategies for defining meaningful boundaries for ourselves and our children as part of a wholehearted family culture.

Expectation Setting Deep Dive - In this single lesson deep dive we explore the relationship between expectations and goals and practice actionable strategies for managing them within a wholehearted family culture.

Once you complete our foundational course, you can take any of the single lesson “Deep Dive” courses on specific topics.

There are no required readings for the class, but Brené's The Gifts of Imperfection is great foundational reading.

Classroom Policies

What You'll Need

Each lesson contains creative activities that you can do as a parent to embed the concepts. You can also do many of the activities with a child (age 4+), teaching them the lesson concepts through the activity. You can be as creative as you want. 

You are welcome to purchase the supplies Brené uses (links below), buy on your own from your favorite supplier, use what’s already in the craft closet, or just use plain paper and markers / crayons. It’s up to you.


Registration for The Kitchen Table Parenting Collection Introductory Bundle includes:

Each lesson includes a teaching video(s) and creative activities with video instruction

Lessons are always available and may be completed at your own pace

If desired, participants may acquire The Gifts of Imperfection on their own